Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Meet Richie Preketzian

And now to meet the other star of our story...

Richard Preketzian, better known as "Richie" for short, is the other protagonist of our story.  Richie is 8 years old and lives with Hilda in her spacious mansion.  Richie is just like any other little boy - he goes to school, he plays sports (he loves soccer) and he likes playing video games.

Because Hilda has so much money, Richie can have anything he wants likes toys, electronic gadgets, fantastic trips.  In spite of this, Hilda will set limits and say "no" to Richie if she has to.

Richie has been taught the basics of etiquette too by Hilda as she is a proper lady herself.  While he is casual with Hilda (referring to her by her first name), he has been taught to address adults as "Mister", "Ms", "Lady", "Lord" and so forth.

Richie often accompanies Hilda to social functions like balls, dinners, parties, etc.  While he dresses casually, he does have suits and fine clothes he'll wear for special occasions.  Richie doesn't like wearing them but won't complain since he cares a lot for Hilda.