Friday, February 10, 2017


Today, I want to tell you what this Google hosted & powered blog is about.

I will be serializing an entire children's picture book on this blog for the whole world to read.  It is a picture book that I have written and illustrated.  Doing a picture book is something I've meant to do for ages.

The title of this work is Hilda and Richie.  This is about a pair of anthropomorphic foxes that live in the tiny, fictitious country of Foxville.  Hilda is a very wealthy woman who lives in a huge mansion and has millions of dollars to her name.  Living with her is a small fox pup named Richie.  These two will get into quite a sticky predicament and I do emphasize "sticky"...but I'm getting ahead of myself.

From now till next week on Thursday, I'll be putting up posts daily such as introductions of our stars, a title image, and so on.  Then on Thursday of next week and from each Thursday on, I will share pages of illustration and text that tell the story of Hilda and Richie.

The illustrations were done by myself, a skilled artist experience in drawing comics, using drawing pens and professional design markers.

Now some of you may be wondering why am I doing this.  Why am I giving away a children's picture book for free online?  The idea for this came from Jason Brubaker.  Brubaker serialized his entire graphic novel reMIND online for everyone to see.  I'm doing this to share my work with the world, make you aware of who I am & what I do and perhaps even somehow produce an actual print edition of Hilda and Richie.

If you're interested in contacting me, my information is listed here on the blog.  And now without further ado...

On this blog, ladies and gentlemen, boys and will be taking a adventure, perhaps. From this point onward, on this very blog, you will meet two very intrepid foxes.  We hope you will travel with these foxes not only today but into the future as well...