Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Meet Hilda Otejekker

I believe introductions are in order.  Let's meet the stars of this children's picture book.

Hilda Otejekker is a 20-year-old vixen who resides in the European micro-state known as Foxville.

Hilda is a very rich woman.  Her family, the Otejekkers, are a very old family known for their wealth.  How rich is Hilda?  We are talking Scrooge McDuck levels of wealth.  She has no day job but puts her vast wealth to work for her with all sorts of investments like stocks, bonds, commodities, index funds and so on.  

Hilda's home is a giant mansion with many rooms as well as all kind of amenities like huge gardens, a tennis court, stables with horseback riding, a big library with vast bookshelves, a grand ballroom and even an indoor swimming pool (something Richie enjoys).

Hilda is the legal guardian of Richie.  She is not related to Richie, by blood or by marriage.  She pretty much provides all his needs - food, clothing, healthcare, shelter and so on.  That's no problem considering her vast wealth.

Hilda is responsible for Richie, but tends to behave more like a friend than as a parent.  Of course, if the situation calls for it, Hilda will pull rank.